Bridging the Communication Gap Between Patients and Dentists

Spend less time assessing a patient’s dental issue, and more time bettering your practice and procedures.

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Increased Transparency

Quickly and accurately let our predictive diagnosis tools prepare the dental team and patient. This increases transparency, increases production, improves scheduling, saves time, and overall makes the practice more successful. A detailed questionnaire and predictive diagnosis tool is filled out by the patient and reviewed by the dentist to speed up the assessment process and generate honest, understandable dental recommendations.

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Time Gained

Save time by taking the drawn-out diagnosis process off your plate, and into the hands of the patient, scheduler, assistant, and/or hygienist. Saved time allows more room for the patient to ask more in-depth questions and gives the dentist more time to assess the situation and provide clarity.

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Better Relationships

Through our thorough and easy-to-understand communication tool, the dentist’s recommendations, and explanations for the patient will be very accurate. This process builds trust and increases the relationship bond with the office and patient, ultimately reducing patient turnover, making your practice more successful.


An efficient, reliable, and proactive communication solution. Discover how miniDentist can improve your practice today.

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